Crypto-Portfolio for December

If you have not updated your portfolio of cryptocurrencies for several months, then it’s time, since during this time the crypto markets have gone completely crazy several times and significantly changed.

Crypto assets for portfolio diversification

When you probably last updated your crypto portfolio, DeFi coins rose to new heights, and Bitcoin moved sideways. You dreamed of an approaching bull season. But now is the end of November, and this bull market has officially begun.

Bitcoin is nearing new highs, hitting nearly $19,000. Ethereum reaches 3 year price level, at the time of writing it is almost 605$. And even the most controversial coins in the last 3 years, such as XRP, have risen more than 100% in the last week.

Part of the rating of your portfolio should stay the same, while other parts should change. Many strategic changes should be made to your portfolio, as some coins have risen in the rankings, and recently they have performed more than well.

Since there are many cryptocurrencies on the market, choosing the best cryptocurrencies for portfolio diversification is not an easy task We have made a selection of the most effective crypto assets, and hope that this will help you

  • Bitcoin

Of course, Bitcoin is number 1 in the portfolio. This is the king and the original blockchain cryptocurrency. In the current market, if Bitcoin fails, then all cryptocurrencies will fail. So investing in cryptocurrency is like investing in the future of the crypto market as a whole.

Since August, the price of Bitcoin has soared almost to a new historical high – 19K $. BTC is the cryptocurrency most believe in, and therefore it should make up the largest percentage of your portfolio. Bitcoin will reach heights that will make rich anyone who owns at least one coin.

  • Ethereum

Next comes Ethereum – one of the most exciting and fast-growing ecosystems.

Last week we finally started seeing a sharp rise in the price of Ethereum, and it looks like it is approaching the $1,000 level as its next target. Also with ETH 2.0 Phase 0, which may be released soon, it will be very interesting to see what happens to the cost. Ether is a coin with a long term and we will see that it will eventually exceed 1K $.

It may seem to many that they are getting into Ethereum too late, but they are not. This is just the beginning. Ethereum is still the king of smart contracts and decentralized applications, whereas ETN could become the best cryptocurrency to buy in December.

  • Ripple

Sometimes it seems that XRP is just pulling time until all the other cryptocurrencies are gone. She can really wait with her powerful financial backers.

Crypterium predicts that if Ripple continues to forge partnerships with major banks and financial institutions, it could reach $1.40—1.50 by the end of 2020.

If you feel the only way to succeed is Ripple, then it will probably be the best cryptocurrency to buy in December.

  • Chainlink

Chainlink has moved up to fifth place at CoinMarketCap in recent months. No one expected the coin to reach such a high point. It just shows that strong ideas with practical application can make a big difference in enhancing the value of a cryptocurrency.

Chainlink’s idea is to be able to supply smart contracts with information from outside the blockchain, and this is harder to achieve than you expect.

Chainlink could hit a high of 25.44 and $36.31 in 2021 by the end of the year, according to Digitalcoin.

  • Tether

Over the past couple of years, Tether has become a common in the crypto community and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy.

It is important to note that traders are not actually buying it in order to trade, but to preserve value. That’s why its market capitalization is so high. It’s actually more a tool for diversification than an item of trade.

However, anyone interested in Tether should make sure they understand the dark history of the coin. Essentially, there was a period when the cryptocurrency was not fully secured by the US dollar, and even today it still veers slightly off course.

Always remember that this can happen again.

The price of Tether during the last period of time has mostly remained at around $1 per coin. If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency tied to a dollar, and which can be used to store value – Tether might be the best.

  • Binance Coin

Binance Coin is a very convenient cryptocurrency. There really isn’t anything technically interesting about this coin, instead, like Tether, it’s a service coin. Its goal is to provide you with a discount if you use a coin on the Binance exchange.

As long as Binance Coin is actively used on the Binance exchange, it will always have a good volume. However, if the exchange continues to reduce the cost of the discount they provide to users, it could soon become less popular, so if you plan to buy this cryptocurrency, keep an eye on by this.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin was once big news and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, but as more crypto-assets took to the scene, it began to gradually step into the back burner. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying anymore. On the contrary. There are still plenty of opportunities to profit from Litecoin. It is still one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

According to Connor Freitas of, like many other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin lost heavily in price in March, but has since risen 57.2 percent. This asset will perfectly replenish your crypto portfolio

  • Coin Coin has been something special for a long time, never caught the spotlight, but never being too far away to be unnoticed. It looks like a name you’ve heard before, but can’t remember.

But in 2020, things have changed, especially since around May. Now Coin is succeeding and showing great strength in its growth.

But keep in mind that the volume seems to have peaked, and maybe it won’t get much higher. However, Coin must definitely be in your portfolio.

  • Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has lost its popularity a little over the past year, but it still remains a giant of cryptocurrency, so don’t forget about it. Perhaps this is the best alternative for those unsure about Bitcoin: people who would rather go back to what the BTC was, but are not as radical as Bitcoin SV supporters.

Bitcoin Cash could be worth up to $500 a coin next month, according to the Economic Forecast Agency.

  • Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV caused much controversy when it first appeared, splitting away from Bitcoin Cash. But it’s not just another BTC clone. It actually means something very important – an attempt to preserve Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

Most Bitcoin SV supporters are ardent followers of Nakamoto’s ideas, but it’s hard to tell if it’s good or bad.

According to Daniel Cowry and Omkar Godball of Coindesk, the value of Bitcoin SV year increased by 96%, which, according to them, is higher than Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and therefore can become one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy.

  • Cardano

Cardano stands out for its blockchain ouroboros. In short, Cardano technically has two blockchains, one for handling basic transactions and the other for processing smart contracts.

After a period of sluggish low in March, Cardano rose 329 percent, according to In general, Cardano rose by 200% in 2020.

  • Tezos

Tezos is run by some of the smartest people in the crypto industry today, and has promising prospects.

Those who know about Tezos know it had the largest ICO ever. But that’s not the only argument in his favor. Tezos is designed to be extremely flexible in the way it develops.

According to Nicholas Otieno of Blockchain News, Tezos has risen by as much as 85% since January and looks likely to continue the trend.

  • EOS

“Ethereum Killer” is not going anywhere. 2020 was a really good year for EOS, and November continues this positive trend. EOS is a real contender to knock Ethereum off the throne as the king of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

PrimExBT predicted that by 2021 the EOS could reach $100, a very sharp increase in value. If you are browsing an alternative to Ethereum, EOS may be one of the best.

  • Tron

Since September 2019, Tron has been in a fairly stagnant state, however in recent months, some volatility has returned. However, CoinSwitch doesn’t forecast too much movement before the end of the year, but suggests that by 2023, Tron could be worth up to $0.54 a coin.

So, with that in mind, Tron can be a great long-term investment if you’re willing to wait.

  • Monero

The list of the best cryptocurrencies that can be bought today would not be complete without at least one privacy coin, and many experts believe Monero is probably best at this point. If you’re interested in privacy, you should learn more about what Monero has to offer.

The Economic Outlook Agency says Monero could hit a low of 150 and a high of $263 by December 2020. This is a great investment in your crypto portfolio.

In conclusion

As you know well, the young crypto market is changing quite quickly. If you lose your guard, weeks or even days later, the value of your crypt could change dramatically. That coin that could show stunning results within one month could drop sharply in price in the next, and the reverse is also possible. That’s why you always need to be on the lookout for the next promising cryptocurrency.

But it is worth remembering that while these may be crypto assets worth considering in December, crypto is still a very volatile asset and is not suitable for all investors. Make sure you understand the risks involved.

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