The hard fork Bitcoin Cash divided into two new block chain after a disagreement over the tax on miners

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the hard fork of Bitcoin, has split again and created two new block chains, after a disagreement between two BCH clients.

Another fork – another trouble

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork was the result of a disagreement over a new software rule that some BCH miners, led by chief developer Amory Sechet, wanted to install. The new policy will require the reallocation of 8% of the extracted BCH to Bitcoin Cash ABC( BCH ABC), as a way to Finance the development of the Protocol.

Another community, called Bitcoin Cash Node, did not agree with the rule, and due to a conflict of interest, the blockchain was divided into two different networks. One had the old blockchain system, where there is no 8% tax on miners, and the other followed the new rule.

The Bitcoin Cash node (BCHN) discovered several mined blocks after splitting, unlike Bitcoin Cash ABC. Hashpower also pointed out that miners were in favor of Bitcoin Cash Node even before the fork, since 80% of miners supported the network before the formation of new blockchains.

Since BCHN has more hash power than Bitcoin Cash ABC, the latter may soon become obsolete, which means that this blockchain may completely disappear without the support of miners. Currently, it is reported that the BCHN blockchain is 71 blocks ahead of BCH ABC.

After the announcement of the blockchain fork, the price of the coin underwent a correction and was trading at $ 247.02 on CoinMarketCap.

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