How to participate in the technological revolution that fuels the smart economy

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time is on the verge of mass adoption: decentralized, blockchain-secure peer-to-peer networks. Forget about IoT, we are entering the Internet of Property era. An Internet where owning digital assets is about to become very, very valuable.

2021 is the year of Web3 Matrix

Web3 is approaching, and everything is moving around us at lightning speed. Every day, a new, seemingly revolutionary solution enters the market. Innovative dApps, NFT-the latest obsession, DeFi protocols that are rapidly gaining momentum, and with them crop growing strategies, APY and TVL rates.

At the moment, memes, crypto-punks, digital images, Web3 domain names, also known as rare collectibles, virtual world real estate, online games, and useful NFTs dominate the digital asset space on trading platforms such as, OpenSea, Decentraland, and Rarible. Gradually, we are seeing the emergence of advanced financial products that are traded as DeFi develops. We are seeing the birth of secondary markets, for example, for options trading, such as We will soon see real-world marketplaces with everything from a kitchen towel to a plane ticket, from a bicycle to a private mansion, connected to an NFT and traded on a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace managed as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Yes! This is an exciting time to live. But what’s even more exciting is the active participation, shaping, and influencing of how this Web3 matrix is created, scaled, implemented, and regulated. Therefore, each of us should make sure that this technology is created for people, and not against them. It expanded the capabilities of each person and was used for the good and prosperity of the world, not for total control.

So, how can you participate? How can you contribute and be part of this revolution against a centralized, corrupt, unfair system? How can you become a player in this new, global and unlimited digital smart economy?


The first option is the most obvious: write! Yes, you need to be a developer, but if you are a developer, you can learn a web3 or smart contract programming language like Solidity or Ink! and interact with blockchains to create a DApp or DAO. You can create your own dApps, join other teams, or work on open source solutions. If you are a developer who is already well versed in Web3, head to Ethlance, or to Gitcoin to join the Gitcoin Tribe by joining hackathons or completing quests. Think of Gitcoin Tribes as a group of dedicated developers who work on open source projects for the benefit of everyone, while earning the most competitive salary for doing so. Think of the Gitcoin Tribes platform as a place for aspiring Web3 developers who want to work on cutting-edge projects, while contributing to the overall health of the free ecosystem as a whole, and making a tangible, beneficial impact in the real world for the average user, by improving their favorite Dapps. If you are really ambitious, join their program and community – the best of all Web3 developers.

But what if you’re not a developer?

Building Blocks of a global smart economy

Building Blocks of a global smart economy

Option two: build and grow a decentralized business in the real world. The answer, for not very tech-savvy people, perhaps entrepreneurs, people still trying to understand the structure of blockchains and Web3 protocols, is to develop a business on the platform or together with it, but the industry as a whole at the expense of companies using the protocols and networks being developed. This means that service providers, marketers, and analysts themselves turn the code into real, tangible business platforms and networks that the underlying technology provides.

Entrepreneurs who build a decentralised Ebay, a decentralised Uber, Amazon or AirBnB, those who can start, run and grow a business in the traditional, non-digital sense, will contribute to the ability to scale a market, exchange or service and all their dependencies in the real world.

One way you can start your Web3 journey today is to submit an offer to the District0x network. Submit a proposal for a new decentralized marketplace, and if it is deemed useful and profitable for the network and receives a crucial community vote, you can see your business being built from the ground up by open source development teams that share your vision.

If you are, for example, a farmer, a honey producer, you can offer a free decentralized global marketplace for organic honey. If your marketplace is built, you can now sell your honey directly to the end user in a peer-to-peer, decentralized network, without intermediaries, without permission, and without censorship. You will also become the owner of this market, and gain management rights shared by the community that will eventually develop around your decentralized business. You can only dream of such freedom!

Become a Web3 end user and guide the industry

Become a Web3 end user and guide the industry

The third option is to become an end user. Join the community. Be a tester, leave feedback, spread the word. Use dApps, participate in the management of the DAO, start issuing NFT, or just start trading digital value. Try as many dApps as possible, play, have fun. The industry needs guidance from end users, an understanding of UX, how to improve the user interface, and in general, what to create and how to create it.

Web3 Matrix aims to benefit the user and make things cheaper and more efficient for the end user, so it is the end user who plays a key role in this new way of conducting transactions and assimilating value digitally. In addition, Web3 is also designed to restore your online privacy, become more secure and fair by the tech giants who have so far defined the way data is collected, used and abused online, controlling the network and us.

It is in the best interest of the end user to quickly master this new technology and regain control of the virtual reality that is the Internet, your data, and how it is used. Your data is your data, and Web3 can guarantee that it will remain that way. You don’t need to be a technical expert to understand or get started with Web3. Of course, some steps may require additional layers of security, but if you haven’t already, set up your wallet today and get started. Start with this now if you don’t want to keep up with what will soon be a new reality and a new way of doing business, finding jobs, shopping and selling online.

Join forward-thinking communities in the global smart economy.

After all, the current shift away from centralized standards, market monopolies, corporate business models, and capitalist greed is long overdue. We are finally witnessing the emergence of technology that can free humanity from the burden that has been borne for decades, if not centuries, democratize the world economy and return power to the hands of the many, not the few.

Satoshi’s dream of one day being free of banks and harassment may be just around the corner, and some are already living almost without banks today. The huge opportunities that Web3 provides us should not be taken as a fad, but should be fully understood, integrated, and developed. The opportunities that come with decentralized networks and platforms are still difficult to understand even for the most advanced veterans.

There seem to be use cases for Web3 that we didn’t even know existed that could revolutionize human interaction and transactions on a global scale. We must all strive to accelerate this process and become part of this shared, more vibrant future. New economic models are beginning to emerge, and the formation of them is the vocation of our generation.