How to make money on crypto

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies constitute an industry that offers many earning opportunities. If you are not going to work in the cryptocurrency industry, there are other ways to make money on crypto.

How to make crypto profitable

You can work in the crypto industry as a blockchain IT developer, crypto trader, web designer, marketing Manager, etc., and earn money from it. But you can simply earn passive income without being an active participant in the crypto space.

There are many different solutions that allow you to earn money using cryptocurrencies and thus be able to earn passive income to achieve financial freedom.

These solutions will allow you to earn money using Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency staking

Cryptocurrency staking is another effective way to earn money on cryptocurrencies to get a guaranteed permanent passive income every month!

Some cryptocurrency sites or exchanges pay you in exchange for the coins you keep with them. This process is called stacking.

To do staking and earn money, you need to know cryptocurrency, especially PoS algorithm coins and tokens.

EOS, Tezos, NEO, BitTeam, Ontology, BIP, VET, DEL, Tron, Prizm, and Cosmos are not all of them.

How to stack cryptocurrencies to earn money

Many people use crypto exchanges for staking, such as Binance, Coinbase or Kraken.

If you want to place cryptocurrency for staking on these exchanges, you must first open an account.

As soon as your account is opened, all you need to do is buy or Deposit the required number of coins, the stacking of which is offered by this crypto resource to your account (to your wallet), and receive payment for placing your cryptocurrencies on these sites in the form of new crypto assets. This is similar to Bank Deposit.

Look at each site for which cryptocurrencies there are offers for stacking, and what annual percentage of remuneration is offered for them. Keep an eye on them, as they may change. Each crypto asset has its own percentage of return shown, and the crypto resource that provides the stacking service reserves the right to change the interest rate. Let’s say that Binance takes 25% Commission from the profit for staking, which is not something that every user likes.

Staking with a crypto wallet

You can also delegate your coins for stacking to mobile wallets that support this feature.

  • Blockchain Plus Wallet.
  • Binance Exchange Wallet.
  • Trust Wallet.
  • SpaceBot.
  • Stakebox.

There are still a sufficient number of staking wallets that you will encounter as a result of your research.

You need to delegate coins for stacking, and 24/7 you will always be aware of everything that happens with your crypto assets, as your wallets will be with you, on your phones.

 For those who do not really want to transfer their coins under the control of third parties, a great option for staking is the Ledger Nano X crypto wallet, which also allows you to receive passive income from the crypt.

It is worth noting that stacking is one of the safest ways to earn money on cryptocurrency.

By storing cryptocurrencies in your wallet, you are guaranteed to earn income every day, month or year, depending on the resource conditions. And the more you delegate coins, the greater your passive earnings on the crypt. Over time, your crypto reserves will only increase, and every month you will earn more and more, in the form of guaranteed passive income.

Bitcoin and altcoin lending

Yes, you can make money by borrowing Bitcoins and some cryptocurrencies.

Just as a Bank lends you money, you can lend your BTC and other crypto assets, receiving your own interest, which will be paid every month at the interest rate set by the site. A good recommendation in this area is Binance Lending, which offers a crypto-lending service.

This way, you will be able to lend your assets to a crypto exchange that will pay you every month for the cryptocurrencies you provide.

Interest rates are much more attractive than, for example, the interest rates offered by banks for savings accounts.

All you have to do is register and deposit, or buy cryptocurrency, which the platform accepts as loans.

Every month, it will pay you the interest earned on your borrowed cryptocurrencies – your guaranteed passive income every month.

A simple and easy solution for making money on your cryptocurrencies.

Automated trading

Another way to make money on cryptocurrencies is to automatically trade cryptocurrencies using trading robots.

If you already have trading skills, you can create your own crypto trading strategies on a platform that offers cryptocurrency trading robots. They will automatically place your buy and sell orders on your account.

A professional trader will have tools and trading indicators (smart trading, stop loss, take profit, Ichimoku strategy, automatic trading, Bollinger lines, Macd, RSI, CandleStick blocks and candle patterns, etc.) to create effective trading strategies.

If you are a novice trader, or if you do not have any trading skills, you can use the trading strategy of a professional trader, and the crypto bot will execute the same trading orders on your account as on the account of a professional trader.

This way you can benefit from the skills of a professional trader, and you can earn the same income as they do, thanks to a copied strategy, or social trading, as it is also called.

But since crypto-trading is very unstable, be careful and invest as much money in this activity as you do not mind losing.

Crypto products and services

One of the ways to make money on cryptocurrencies is to join products and services designed for the crypto industry and blockchains. Membership earns you a Commission from the clients you bring to the company.

So, all you have to do is find crypto services with an affiliate program, you just need to register so that you can promote these services and get commissions from the clients you bring.

You then have to promote these services on your own web site if you have one, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email campaigns, of your surroundings, etc.

Sites that offer high-paying cryptocurrency affiliate programs can be easily found on the web. Here are some of them:


Ledger is a French company, a world leader in the field of cryptocurrency wallets, such as the famous Ledger Nano X. Its CEO, Erik Larshevek, is actively involved in the “Who wants to be my partner on M6″program.

For each customer you bring to Ledger, you get a percentage of the sale. Knowing that a crypto wallet can cost about $ 100, you can easily get a Commission of about $ 10 per sale.

Ledger also provides you with banner ads that will help you with promotion and marketing.


Kryll is a platform that specializes in automated cryptocurrency trading.

It offers an approaching affiliate program, and pays you for the amount spent by the user who registers on the platform using your affiliate link.

You can also use their solutions to copy trades and robots for cryptocurrencies if you want to try your hand at crypto trading.


Binance, a global leader in cryptocurrency trading, offers an affiliate program that pays you for all the clients you bring to the crypto exchange.

You will receive a percentage of the transaction fees paid by the user. by Accumulating partners, you get passive income, which increases over time, as the platform returns 40% to its affiliates.


The Changelly crypto exchange pays 50% for transaction fees spent by your affiliates.

All you have to do is open an account to get your affiliate link.  In order to promote it among those who want to buy crypt, in particular, using a credit card.


Another serious crypto platform that also offers an affiliate program, paying you a percentage of the transaction fees spent by the client.

Kraken returns 20% on its cryptocurrency partner program.


This is a crypto exchange that accepts deposits using an electronic wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney).

Some people want to buy Bitcoins through Paypal, As well as other cryptocurrencies.

This way, it is a safe way to buy crypts, so you can promote it among potential customers who are interested in buying coins via PayPal and are looking for a solution.

All you have to do is register on Etoro and get your affiliate link.

By accumulating partners in these various affiliate programs, you can eventually earn significant passive income and become financially independent.


Now you have various solutions for earning with cryptocurrencies to generate passive income, which can grow by increasing your referrals, or by accumulating coins by delegating to stacking.

These solutions are very easy to implement. You just need to find clients for affiliate programs or store your own cryptocurrency on a staking wallet. It is also not difficult to get a loan to get your due profit.

Thus, you will get a significant passive income by combining all these solutions that allow you to earn money using cryptocurrencies.