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Last updated: November 06, 2020


Terms and definitions

The terms set forth in this section have the following meaning only for this Regulation and may not be otherwise interpreted in relation to the conditions set forth in this Regulation.

SPACEBOT (program) — software (computer program) with an algorithm of shared participation in masternods, in the form of a website, application, as well as add-ons to applications (messengers) for joint mining of cryptocurrencies (mining activity, mining), which contains a mathematical algorithm that gives users the opportunity to receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency for mining coins (increase in cryptocurrency mining productivity). The SPACEBOT program provides the opportunity to extract an increased amount of mining due to a total greater balance in the blockchain network on the system “Proof-of-Stake”, where the capacity of the node depends on values “stake” (mining pool). The SPACEBOT program can also be considered as a cryptocurrency wallet with cryptocurrency staking function

A detailed description of the SPACEBOT program work can be found in Appendix No. 1 to the User Agreement “Description of the SPACEBOT Program”.

Listing — inclusion of digital assets in the list of digital assets available for joint mining (PoS mining) of digital assets (cryptocurrencies).

Delisting — the exclusion of digital assets from the list of digital assets available for joint mining (PoS mining) of digital assets (cryptocurrencies).

Digital assets (also a product)is a digital representation of value, which means “cryptocurrency”, “virtual currency”, “digital currency” such as bitcoin, ether, or prism which is based on the cryptographic protocol of a computer network, can be centralized or decentralized, closed or open source and be used as a means of exchange and/or storage of value.

The applicant (issuer of digital assets) is an individual or legal entity applying for the listing of digital assets and is responsible for the creation and operation of data of digital assets in the distributed registry (blockchain).

1. General terms of listing digital assets.

1.1. SPACEBOT LTD manages SPACEBOT software, website and mobile application for the use of the Program.

1.2 SPACEBOT may reject the listing application if it considers that the applicant’s situation is such that the listing of the product may be detrimental to the orderly operation of the Program and/or the integrity or reputation of the Company, or that the applicant does not comply with and/or will not comply with these Listing Rules or any special conditions imposed on the applicant by SPACEBOT. In addition, SPACEBOT may reject an application that does not comply with the listing principles published on its website, as well as the application of the issuer whose activities are consistent with any of the following categories:

1. pornography

2. alcohol and drugs

3. tobacco products

4. firearms

5. political advertising

6. gambling

1.3 The Issuer shall identify the Contact Person in his/her organization who will be responsible for the communication between SPACEBOT and the issuer, and SPACEBOT shall be notified in writing of any subsequent changes. The issuer will be responsible for all actions and communications with SPACEBOT committed on his behalf by the designated representative. The contact person shall be fully aware of the obligations of the issuer under these Listing Rules and will be either a Director or Senior Employee of the Issuer capable of acting in as a contact person of SPACEBOT. Detailed information about the issuer’s contact person and any designated representative must be provided to SPACEBOT at the time of applying for admission to the clisting, and SPACEBOT must be notified in in writing on any subsequent changes.

1.4. The issuer is obliged to ensure that all information provided in connection with the listing statement is in all respects accurate, complete and not misleading. The issuer must be open, honest and ready to cooperate in all respects with SPACEBOT. The change in name or other information relating to the issuer must be notified as soon as possible.

Issuers shall immediately provide SPACEBOT with any information or clarification that SPACEBOT may reasonably require to verify whether these Listing Rules are complied with or which relate to the integrity or orderly work of the Programme.

The issuer must re-confirm compliance with these Listing Rules through an internal audit on an annual basis.

1.5 SPACEBOT may charge an entry fee (listing fees) in an amount determined by agreement of the parties.

1.6 The listing application must be submitted by the issuer for SPACEBOT in writing.

1.7 The listing application shall contain a description of the product (digital asset) in accordance with the rules set forth herein and on our website.

1.8 Prior to the planned listing date, the issuer must submit a duly signed declaration stating that:

• the information specified in the application is complete and complies with these Listing rules;

• The issuer has read and recognized these Listing Rules and that it recognizes them directly in the form of a statement of consent;

• the issuer pays the entry fee.

1.9 It is up to SPACEBOT to approve or reject the listing application. Approval may be subject to additional requirements and/or conditions. Listing is not a value judgment about the product or the issuer. The SPACEBOT solution will be communicated via email.

2. Cancellation of the listing. Delisting.

2.1 SPACEBOT may, at its sole discretion, perform a procedure for delisting the issuer’s digital assets or suspend Users access to the issuer’s products, as well as suspend access and conduct delisting procedure at the issuer’s request or on its own initiative, if unusual circumstances, in particular the issuer’s breach of disclosure obligations, indicate that it is appropriate such suspension.

2.2 The Issuer shall continue to comply with these Listing Rules even if the admission of its products to tender is suspended unless SPACEBOT agrees otherwise.

2.3 In emergency cases (e.g., the issuer’s digital assets are associated with illegal activities), SPACEBOT may immediately cancel the listing.

3. Grace period

SPACEBOT may provide the applicant with a “grace period” of up to 7 days, during which the issuer will be able to provide (additional) information and documents on the basis of which SPACEBOT can assess whether the issuer and product comply with its rules and standards. If during the “grace period” SPACEBOT evaluates that the issuer and/or product is not compliant, the listing will be cancelled without the return of the listing fee.

4. Delisting

4.1 SPACEBOT may conduct the delisting procedure in the following cases:

1. After a valid statement by the issuer, according to which SPACEBOT must take into account the interests of the Users. SPACEBOT may make a delisting subject to proper notification and compliance with appropriate waiting periods. In any case, a duly signed declaration of the issuer on the consent of its responsible authorities for delisting should be submitted;

2. If the solvency of the issuer is in serious doubt or insolvency or liquidation proceedings have already been initiated, digital assets will be removed from the list no later than the moment when their liquidity will no longer be guaranteed;

3. If SPACEBOT finds that there is no longer enough liquid market of the relevant products;

4. If the listing has been suspended for a continuous period of three months and the reasons for the suspension continue to exist;

5. If the listing requirements are not met

4.2 An issuer wishing to conduct a delisting of their product must inform SPACEBOT by email no later than 20 business days prior to the date of delisting. The issuer is also required to announce the alleged delisting of any of its products on its website. SPACEBOT will announce the delisting of the issuer’s products on its own website. Delisting on the issuer’s request, in accordance with this provision, will be effective only provided that the issuer complies with any legal or regulatory obligation and the provision of SPACEBOT appropriate confirmation.

4.3 Detailed delisting requirements may be further described in the delisting rules, which will be available upon request.

2. Listing Requirements

In order to be eligible for listing, the following criteria must be met, unless SPACEBOT agrees otherwise:

1. Requirements for the issuer

1.1 The issuer’s institution, charter or partnership agreement must comply with the national legislation to which the issuer is subject.

1.2 The Issuer is obliged to disclose the composition of the management and beneficial owner.

2. Digital asset requirements.

2.1 The form of digital atkivs must comply with the law, which applies to both the products and the issuer. Products may not qualify as financial instruments defined in European Directive 2014/65/EU or as instruments otherwise regulated. SPACEBOT may request a legal opinion that the products have been issued in accordance with the law to which the issuer is subject to and that they comply with the provisions applicable to them, or other legal opinions.

2.2 Digital assets must have sufficient free circulation at the time of listing.

2.3 Proper liquidity of digital assets must be ensured.

3. Constant Listing Requirements

1. Continuation of listing requirements

The listing requirements set forth in these rules as well as on the site must continue to be met during the lifetime of the listing. Key product characteristics and qualities cannot be changed after listing unless SPACEBOT is permitted. Internal audit results must be provided by SPACEBOT every 3 months.

2. Obligation to disclose potential digital asset turnover risks.

2.1 The issuer is obliged to inform the market of significant price facts that have arisen in its field of activity, unless it undertakes to keep such information secret. Significantly price-sensitive facts are facts that can affect the average market participant in its investment decision and if it can be expected to cause a change in price that significantly more than normal price fluctuations. Whether a fact can cause a significant change in price must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

2.2 The issuer is required to provide notice as soon as it becomes aware of the main risks associated with the turnover of its digital assets, including technical risks. 2.4 The issuer is obliged to prevent any behavior that gives or is likely to give false or misleading signals regarding the supply, demand or price of a digital asset.