Notes for listing:

  1. 1.SPACEBOT – software for joint mining of cryptocurrencies. SPACEBOT provides an opportunity to receive a monthly production increase of performance of BIP and other cryptocurrencies due to the total increase in the balance of the network of locks through the system “Proof-of-Stake“.
  2. 2.SPACEBOT is not responsible for the legitimacy of the distribution of digital assets. The Company is not responsible for the operation of the systems that support the operation of digital assets available in SPACEBOT.

    SPACEBOT does not audit digital assets.

    Audit of digital assets is the responsibility of digital asset issuers. SPACEBOT is guided by information provided by the issuers of digital assets that guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. The digital asset development team (issuers) is fully responsible for all illegal activities such as illegal fundraising, financial pyramids, money laundering, gambling,drug distribution, fraud, etc. before us, as well as to users (holders) of digital assets
  3. 3.Development teams (issuers) of digital assets must take preventive measures to prevent a market collapse. Otherwise, we have the right to terminate cooperation at any time.
  4. 4.Digital asset development teams are required to disclose digital assets in a timely manner.
  5. 5. SPACEBOT will conduct the delisting procedure and remove the digital asset (cryptocurrency, tokens) from the list, including if: disbanding of the team prevents mining, there are any risks (legal, technical or any other nature) is otherwise negatively affected by the operation of the software.