BIGG Digital Assets Inc. collaborates with the International Association for financial crimes

Traditional cybersecurity agencies enter into partnership agreements with blockchain companies to get help in studying cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain company will help in the fight against cybercrime.

BIGG Digital Assets Inc., a Blockchain Intelligence Group (“BIG“) company, a leading developer of search technologies in Blockchain risk solutions for scoring and data analysis, announced that today they have started working with the International Association of financial crime investigations to explore the possibilities of providing investigative tools and training their members in tracking illegal activities related to cryptocurrencies.

The goal of the partnership is to provide a versatile and comprehensive training program for financial crime investigators so that they can develop the ability to understand cryptocurrency, and be able to successfully investigate suspicious transactions with the appropriate tools, confidence and know-how.

The international Association of financial crime investigators will also provide a springboard for the presentation of other auxiliary criminal investigative associations of EXPERTS and tools, where appropriate and appropriate.

Fintech requires a special approach.

As the focus on Fintech technologies continues to grow, there are also challenges associated with new cybersecurity risks and crypto transactions. BIG BitRank Verified software tools that scan crypto addresses and transactions for connections to illegal activities and malicious objects, along with QLUE, will allow you to look at details related to cryptocurrency transactions. These tools, combined with BIG’s training, allow investigators to track crypto transactions.

BIG Training Academy draws on the many years of experience of its own researchers and certified cryptocurrency specialists, and is pleased to present its sought-after training program to members of investigative agencies to help them develop the cryptocurrency market and eliminate suspicious and illegal actions. The training will allow users to gain a clear and deep understanding of how to track cryptocurrency transactions and crimes related to virtual currencies.

Michael Carroll, President of the IAFC said:

The Association is excited about working with the Blockchain Intelligence Group. Cybercrime is a global threat to our society, and joining with BIG experts in the field of cryptocurrencies will only strengthen our joint efforts to prevent, combat and prosecute those who want to harm us. Through training, education, and information sharing, our groups can have a significant impact on crime, and protect our communities, companies, and institutions.

The President of the Blockchain Intelligence Group, lance Morginn, also commented:

The partnership with IAFC will allow us to further strengthen our presence at the national and international levels. The Association’s established relationships and connections provide a great opportunity to collaborate and help train more than 7,000 members, and bring new investigative and decision skills to the forefront.

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