BitPay launches prepaid crypto cards

BitPay has launched new prepaid MasterCard cards for the US market. These cards can be refilled with dollars via crypto conversion.

Crypto adoption by payment systems continues. You can top up your balance instantly with no fees for conversion and the everyday limit of $10 000. These cards are equipped with other functions like EMV chip for contactless payments, card blocking option, expenditures tracking and the virtual version. BitPay wallet that stores crypto make it possible to convert them into dollars in Mobile App. After the conversion they can be sent to the crypto card and used anywhere in the world. The system also offers extensions for Google Chrome that enables making fiat payments on some websites like Amazon or Foot Locker using cryptos stored in a wallet.

You may use BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and some stable coins like GUSD, USDC, PAX and BUSD. As cryptos are not that widely spread mean of payment yet, one has to convert them into fiat before spending. This means that it is necessary to use the system that would allow instant exchanges for some certain currency, cashing it out and making deposits on traditional instruments used for payments. The opportunity to make all of these steps via one App represents a big advantage.