Crypto payments in auto trading industry have increased

The British automobile company AutoCoinCars that accepts crypto as a payment method announced 1000% sales growth despite the current economic crisis.

Crypto is mastering auto trading.

Many of the famous car dealerships have started to accept cryptos, including Redline Specialist Cars, Saxton 4 × 4 and Benz Bavarian. Luke Wilmott, director of operations at AutoCoinCars explained that “2019 was without doubt crucial for crypto industry, and we expect cryptocurrencies to grow further during 2020. Cryptos are getting stronger as they remain to be the only stable mean of payment while most countries closed their borders and met serious economic crisis because of COVID-19”.

This surge in acceptance by British car sellers demonstrates breakthrough in the industry. Retailers that used to work with traditional payment systems are aware of the added value as well as of that it may bring significant positive changes to the car selling industry.  As Wilmott noted, his company demonstrated 1000% sales growth in 4 weeks. With 5 million of clients all over the Britain who prefer digital currencies, it is becoming obvious that the future is in cryptos.

We are proud to offer an exclusive, safe and reliable mean of selling”, underlined Wilmott, “we see the demand increase, and for sure we’ll continue to expand supply and the client base throughout the year”.

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