Deloitte: 40% of production account for blockchain

As the recent Deloitte poll reports, 39% of the world companies have implemented blockchain.

Blockchain continues its world integration.

The survey entitled “Global blockchain research Deloitte 2020” was conducted from February, 3rd to March, 6th, 2020 in 14 countries among 1488 managers and specialists of the leading world technology companies. One of the most meaningful indicators is that almost 40% of respondents claimed their companies had already integrated blockchain in their production process. Besides, about 90% believe the technology’s importance will increase in the next three years.”

In comparison, last year the number of firms researching blockchain was 23%, and it almost doubled over the year.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the companies chosen by Deloitte represent a small percentage in the global reference, and all the respondents already have a clear image of blockchain, digital assets and the distributed ledger technology.

Most of the surveyed companies also confirm their confidence in that crypto assets will become extremely important in the nearest future, and this indicates their high interest in these technologies, while 83% of the respondents claim they will lose their competitive advantage of they do not use tools based on DLT.

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