Google faces class action for watching private users’ activity

Google is still monitoring and collecting private data of users despite they are browsing sites in secret mode.

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A new class action was registered this week, an action that accused Google techno giant of violating confidentiality of millions of users by tracking even those who use Incognito mode.

The District court for the Northern District of California have registered a complaint stating that Google keep monitoring data concerning users’ browser history and other confidential data with Google Analytics, Asvertising Manager and other plugins of apps and websites on mobile devices no matter which browser mode is chosen.

While opening the app that uses Google services, and they are used by over 70% of all online-providers, all the private data including IP-adresses, websites user has been watching and data regarding their equipment are sent to servers in California.

The complainant noted this is being done without informing and permission since Google does not require that websites warn users of collecting the data no matter how web browsers are used.

In that respect, the class action accuses the techno-giant of unauthorized access to personal data of certain users without their permission.

“The corporation is collecting data regardless of whether user presses on the ad supported by Google. This means that billions times a day servers make computer all over the world report on the real-time internet communications of hundreds of millions of people”, says the compliance.

“Google tools violates users’ confidentiality intendedly cheating on consumers, enabling the corporation and its users to collect private data on people’s lives, their interest and using of internet.

It also makes people to buy goods in certain places imposed by the system, and this worlds for governmental, private and even criminal sector. This is a company that aims to interfere private life, security and freedom”.

This goes for all users of Android smartphones who watch websites tied to Google analytics or the Ad manager in “incognito” mode, and also for users having Google accounts that get access to websites containing the spy services via private mode.