Italian chef got rich with crypto: just a scam

It seems that a fraud involving the well-known Italian chef Antonio Cannavacchyolo who is supposed to get rich due to crypto, is back on the game.

Famous person and cryptos – an effective scheme.

Fake news concerning the scheme were refuted on 6 April, last year. The announcement looked as an interview with Villa Crespi, who works as a chef. Besides, the article seems to be published on the online-version if Repubblica but the newspaper headed by Eugenio Scalfari explained that was the copy of their website and Facebook page.

Shortly speaking, it was fully fabricated. The reason why Cannavacchyolo became rich was about his popularity on TV. But firstly due to high quality of his cuisine and the events he holds in Villa Crespi. The scam follows the approved scheme, and involves other fake reviews “made” by Giovanotti and Emma Marone singers and world celebrities like Formula 1 champion Charles Leklerk, prince Harry and Megan Markle. All of them, as the fake ad claimed, made a fortune due to automatic crypto trading programs.

So this is just another example: well-known chef Cannavacchyolo who, according to fake announcements, has earned a lot by just putting a few euros into the automatic trading platform.

Nevertheless, it’s just a fraud. These programs continue using VIP-persons without their acknowledgement for enhancing trust.

The fact that such news continue circulationg on social media demonstrates that Facebook filters are not doing their work properly. The global media platform is so careful that it censors politically incorrect accounts but it turns out there is nothing Facebook security systems can do to put an end to fake ads that are spreading fraud.