Most Chinese technological startups study blockchain technology

The recent survey has shown that major part of leading Chinese startups study blockchain.

Chinese-American trade war accelerates the Middle Kingdom development.

While the global economy is still trying to recover after the pandemic consequences, the PRC technological industry is booming.

The report shows that about 80% of leading tech-companies in aggregate that are recognized be SCMP either work at some blockchain project or invest into the technology.

According to the data, there is a correlation of Chinese firms’ aim to complement the governmental efforts to pass to the digital economy. This shift was supported by the blockchain initiative.The struggle for the economic dominance developed between the USA and PRC caused tension in the existing trade agreement between the two countries.

This had an impact on the world market and lead to the massive breakthrough in the number of blockchain deals. Speaking about companies based on blockchain, it’s notable that the Blockchain 50 index which involves Chinese tech-firms based on blockchain and listed on Shenzhen stock exchange has increased by 20%.”

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