Paul Tudor Jones told he purchases crypto as inflation protection

Paul Tudor Jones, founder of Tudor Investment Corporation and 7th most profitable hedge-fund manager in the world claimed that crypto is the best investment.

BTC as inflation protection.

Tudor Jones is concerned about the inflation that can be caused by the new money printing campaign launched by Central bank and Federal Reserve. He notes that Bitcoin reminds him of gold in 1970-s.

Nevertheless, he told that his fund Tudor BVI will keep only a small part of its assets in BTC, less than 10%. Tudor is one of the first major hedge-fund managers who have chosen crypto as investment storage while most of the traditional managers prefer standard investments.

He estimated that Fed has boosted $3.9 trillion which is equivalent to 6.6% of the world economy production. Such an enormous release of dollars may finally lead to inflation and depreciation. In comparison, the amount of BTC released over the same period is relatively small.

“This printing campaign was so large and rapid that even market veterans like me are shocked. We are witnessing the Great Money Inflation – unprecedented expansion of all forms of money that has ever happened”, claimed Tudor.

Then he demonstrated several alternatives that would help to guard against risks such as gold, treasury bonds, certain types of stocks, currencies and goods. Finally, he also admitted the increasing role of cryptocurrencies.

Actually, the investor has been involved in crypto market since 2017 but he has used crypto only for personal investments.

Now Tudor intends to use BTC as a store of value for his fund because of its characteristics of maintaining the purchasing power, reliability, liquidity and mobility.

Tudor claims that considering the current risks investors should throw away the freshly printed investment guides and turn back to monetary theories of Milton Friedman and the old school indicators such as money supply M2.

Jones also told that he remained to be the admirer of gold, and he supposed that if we came back to standards of 1980 it’s price could increase to $2400 or even skyrocket to $6700.

Besides, the entrepreneur believes the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve can become a political instrument for the government which would lead to further conduction of the actual inflationary policy regarding US dollar. Payments in crypto

ShopinBit is a German e-commerce system that enables to commit purchases of different kinds of goods (electronic, food, cleaning or products for animals) with BTC, Dash, BCH, LTC, XMR BSV. The system also supports payments through Lightning. It has also recently published a short review on their official Twitter profile of the most frequently used cryptos making payments on their platform. BTC was recognized as a leader with almost 40% of transactions which means that almost half of purchases are being made with BTC. The second place took Dash used for payments with high level of confidentiality. Dash constitutes 21% of all purchases, or over 1 to 5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the third most used crypto (19%) which is very close to Dash.  Then goes Monero (8%), BSV (6%) and LTC (2%). As for Lightning Network transactions, they remain to be unpopular with just 4%.


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