Touristic Bitcoin-vouchers for visiting Verona

4-star hotel Montemezzi in Virgazio, the world-known Romeo and Juliet province, is stimulating tourists after the coronavirus pandemic offering crypto holders tours for visiting the city and the province.

Bitcoin conquers the motherland of the Montagues and the Capulets.

Apart from this, those who buy touristic bonuses in BTCs, can get 50% bonuses because paying BTC in 99 €, you actually get the voucher for 150 €.

The first tours issued by the Italian hotel that can be bought only via BTC, give a right to get a voucher. With the help of this certificate you can pay for services provided by the hotel such as accommodation, meal, appetizers, car parking or tickets for Gardaland (leisure park), validators for 12 months without the necessity to define concrete trip dates at the moment of buying.

Thus, the vouchers can also be gifted to relatives and friends, and they would choose the preferable dates for using them.

Montemezzi CEO for marketing and sales Mauricio Misky, the crypto enthusiast since 2015, said, “We have launched the initiative as we know that Bitcoin have represented high value for many Italian citizens in the recent years. Those who saw the increase of their investments could partially use it to help the Italian tourism to recover buying such vouchers.

By launching such offer the hotel gets the asset that can be of value for the company.

We know that the offer is addressed to only a certain part of community, and this is why we expect selected membership. Nevertheless, we believe that many bitcoiners are searching for an opportunity to spend coins without the need to convert it in fiat.

This should be a good opportunity and, considering the feedbacks we’ll get, we will seek for collaboration with other companies in Verona for expanding our future offer”.