PRIZM: how to buy or sell a coin.

With the advent of the Prism coin, a new milestone began in the crypto space and mining industry. Many people have a logical question: where to get PZM and what to do with it? Step-by-step tutorial on using PRIZM coins. What the PRIZM project proposed caused a stir in the cryptocurrency world, since it has no analogues. It did not occur to crypto-traders and B2h that such an easy way to increase the growth of cryptocurrency is possible. But the problem arose between the user and the coin: the acquisition of an asset. But in fact, everything is much simpler! The BIT.TEAM resource allows you to buy / sell Prism in any quantity. To do this, it is enough to become a user of the official site (registration) and register a PRIZM wallet. To make it all the more clear, let’s step through everything together. Step 1: BIT.TEAM crypto exchange and wallet activation.

It is easy to find a PZM coin on a resource, since it is in the main line of cryptocurrencies. In order to become its owner, you need to register on a crypto site. After completing this procedure, you will have a personal PRIZM wallet. Upon activation of the “Buy” function, all user announcements about the sale of a crypto asset will become available to you. Also, applications for buying a coin will become available to you if you want to sell PZM, only for this you need to activate the “Sell” window.

In order to activate your wallet, you need to put several PZM coins on your account in your account. Once a crypto asset appears in your account, a unique paramining system will turn on and PRIZM will increase the number of coins. In the “Balance” window, you can observe not only the number of your PZM, but also the constantly changing profit of paramining. The uniqueness of this type of mining is that the increase in the number of coins in your wallet will depend on the number of users who participate in the project at your invitation.”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_heading title=”Step 2: buy / sell.

As we already said, the project is unique! When selling or transferring coins to your friends or just other users, not only does the PRIZM ecosystem develop, but your paramining structure grows as well.
If you decide to sell the token, then you need to use the “Sell” section, after which purchase announcements will become available to you. You can also create your sale ad. To do this, use the link in the upper left part of the resource.
In order to join the referral system, simply invite them to the copied referral link. You just need to transfer just one PZM to any user, and paramining will take effect, increasing your profit.