Chainlink on Harmony Protocol promises great value for users

According to the official announcement, Chainlink customers will benefit from data resources outside the Harmony network by connecting with decentralized oracles. Chainlink on Harmony Protocol will also help provide apps with pricing information.

From Chainlink to Harmony One, or greater efficiency.

Notably, Harmony mentions that collaboration will also prove useful for DeFi applications. Harmony also believes that integration with Chainlink is vital for working with numerous international financial solutions with real-time data. A transparent price channel increases the value of data outside the network, making Chainlink processes very relevant.

Oracles will work for the benefit of using decentralized oracles prices. Harmony can communicate with a trusted API outside of the network using adapters from Chainlink. This will help it to quickly connect to other valuable blockchains. Connecting with more than 30 trusted oracles in the decentralized Chainlink ecosystem will help it improve its services.

Specialist Steven TSE says that integration will pave the way for effective decentralization in the long term. He adds that developers are happy to work on the latest DeFi solutions based on off-network data resources.

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