Popularity of the popular cryptocurrency PRIZM

Speaking about the Prism coin, we should pay attention to the most interesting in this project – its durability and popularity among users in the crypto space.

For those who don’t know, then Prizm is a 100% decentralized open source cryptocurrency that uses a unique blockchain and single-level network nodes for synchronization. The asset offers a completely new concept of coin mining by all users at the same time, using the patented emission algorithm PARAMINING. Only Prizm wallets can be used for more efficient mining, as its speed can be increased by activating wallets for your subscribers. This concept is different from all existing cryptocurrencies and Allows each user to earn new coins from mining.

Entering the TOP 200 of the most sought-after crypto assets, PZM Remains relevant and attracts attention not only simple traders, but also institutional investors. At the moment, the number of users of the Prism crypto asset is simply colossal. Few cryptocurrencies can declare themselves as a popular crypto asset. Prism can.

Growth dynamics

Since its inception, the asset has been surprising in its vitality. Last year alone, PZM raised its capitalization to $ 200,000,000, which allowed it to become on a par with the top coins. Binance turned its attention to the coin, posting a positive review about it. And the media played a positive role. According to Coinmarketcap statistics, Prizm had peak capitalization points of $ 300 million. Given the dynamics of cryptocurrencies, PRIZM has all the prerequisites for growth – unlike TPX and XTZ, Prism last month rose only from $ 0, 25 to $ 0, 30, but considering that the coin is really folk and its support is simply unique, it should be expected that
its value will only increase.