Restrictions on cryptocurrency set by Apple

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong expressed dissatisfaction with the crypto restrictions set by Apple.

Brian Armstrong expresses outrage at crypto restrictions In light of the restrictions on cryptocurrency imposed by Apple, the CEO of Coinbase stated in a tweet on August 23 that the well-known firm is hostile and restricts the crypto asset industry: The tech giant has been demonstrating that they are not fans of the crypto industry for several years, and they have made this a reality by restricting their experienced crypto users to getting digital assets and using certain App browsers. The CEO also said that the tech giant has tried so hard in the past few years to restrict its customers from risky use of cryptocurrency that it is crossing all boundaries, and this can not be called a good step. In his opinion, the company had no reason to block the new Coinbase Earn initiative and some browsers developed by decentralized financial organizations.

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Смарт-контракты на блокчейнах

Вопреки тому, что могло бы предложить название, умные контракты на блокчейнах не являются контрактами. Smart contracts: что это такое Фактически, ...