The marine corps of the United States prohibits mining cryptocurrency on military devices

Privacy and security concerns have prompted the US marine Corps to ban the use of cryptocurrency mining software and apps on government mobile devices.

ЗаголовокCrypto is banned in United States for military personnel.

According to Marine Corps Times, the Directive came in late July in an official letter signed by the marine corps administrator.

Along with the prohibition of any software or applications for mining cryptocurrencies, military personnel are prohibited from installing or using any gambling, gaming platforms, or Dating services on mobile devices issued by the state. A full list of resources that the US military has given a green or red light to will be sent to personnel. Unauthorized programs and SOFTWARE will be automatically deleted from devices by the military management server.

The Echo Of Trump.

This restriction of software that is considered a threat to privacy or security goes further than just cryptocurrency-focused applications. US President Donald trump made headlines around the world when he stood against the Chinese-developed video-sharing app TikTok. The Trump administration has expressed concern about the potential national security risks posed by this resource and the data that Bytedance, the company that developed and manages TikTok, may collect.

The president is pushing for a ban on this app in the United States, although it is unclear whether the head of the White house has the authority to issue such a Directive. To continue operating in America, the company has 45 days to complete a transaction with an American company to take control of TikTok’s operations in the country.

The US military already banned its personnel from installing or using TikTok on government devices in December 2019, citing concerns that the video resource poses a cybersecurity threat.

Crypto-mining with governmental devices is equivalent to theft.

More importantly, any serviceman installing cryptocurrency mining tools or applications on government devices is essentially committing theft.

As highlighted in the initial report of Marine Corps Times, using government equipment to obtain cryptocurrency would amount to theft, since the user uses resources that do not belong to them for their own enrichment.

It is unclear whether army personnel actually used government-issued devices to mine various altcoins.

Mining cryptocurrencies on a mobile device is unlikely to bring users much cryptocurrency, but it is one way to slowly accumulate small amounts of tokens. This method is more suitable for Alt-coins, since Bitcoin and Ethereum mining requires powerful hardware.