Twitter account of the Indian Prime Minister hacked by cyber gang John Wick

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the new world leader hit by a cyberattack after a Twitter account linked to his exclusive website was hacked.

The Prime Minister of India hacked for the purpose of getting crypto

Cybercriminals used a hacked Twitter account to request cryptocurrency. Twitter confirmed the alleged cyberattack, and has since deleted all tweets aimed at stealing crypto assets from unsuspecting victims.

Notably, modi’s official Twitter account with 61.8 million followers was not hacked. The compromised account is linked to PM’s private website, and currently has 2.5 million subscribers. Since then, the social media giants have withdrawn tweets that hackers shared asking for contributions in cryptocurrency to fight COVID-19.

As with the recent Twitter hack, the cyber gang included at least two crypto wallet addresses to receive “donations.” However, the blockchain data suggests that funds were not transferred to either of the two addresses. The social media giants confirmed that Gadget 360 was hacked and said that the necessary security measures were taken to protect the account.

Hackers attack the accounts of influential people


A cyberband called “John Wick“ claimed responsibility for the attack on the Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter account. The gang also shared their email address and explicitly stated that they were not responsible for the Paytm Mall hack. An account claiming to represent “John Vick“ claimed an attack on Paytm Mall on a Russian forum. However, Paytm has since blocked any information that may have been compromised.

The Prime Minister of India is not the only public figure and leader whose Twitter account was hacked due to cryptocurrency fraud. About two months ago, more than 100 Twitter accounts belonging to famous people, such as former US President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, were compromised in order to promote fraud with fake BTC distribution.

However, authorities have since detained the 17-year-old along with two other suspects in connection with the massive Twitter hack.