The profit record for Ethereum addresses is growing

Ethereum holders made profits, soaring for those who bought the crypto asset in March. And these are double-digit numbers.

Ether’s hodlers are elated at the profit they have received.

This means that even all those who bought the coin during the July peak are still making a profit. And this profit is staggeringly increased for all those who bought during the crypto crash, in mid-March, when ETH reached the minimum price of $ 102. So if we take the latter as a starting point, then the percentage of profit will increase to 228%.

In addition, these days, the price of ETH continues to rise and does not hint at a fall, which is a sign that there is still an opportunity to get more from this asset.

It should be said, however, that many people use this positive market situation to sell some or all of the assets and make a profit, given that it has been 1 year since the price of ETH reached these levels last time.

It is worth noting that the most convenient time to buy cryptocurrencies is after the crisis periods caused by external and internal factors.

And indeed, the growth in the number of active addresses was recorded near these price drops, which many people skilfully used to buy ETH. And according to the data, it looks like they are now liquidating their positions, while other addresses are still buying. This is because if the profit looks big today, it may increase even more in a year.