Winklevoss claims the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 500,000, or why Bitcoin is better than gold and oil

Bitcoin billionaire Tyler Winklevoss is firmly in favor of BTC being targeted for growth up to $ 500 million, and that it will inevitably become the preferred safe-haven asset in the market, rather than gold.

BTC as the best tool against inflation.

The Gemini co-founder has always touted Bitcoin and preached that BTC’s recent stealthy performance in the market was just the beginning of an even bigger bull run. Winklevoss is firmly convinced that it is only a matter of time before the cue Ball will replace gold as the preferred safe haven asset on the world market.

He conducted an analysis and compared gold, oil, and the US dollar to Bitcoin. Currently, the market capitalization of gold is estimated at about $ 9 trillion, while the value of BTC is about $ 200 billion of market capitalization. According to Winklevoss ‘ forecasts, the value of Bitcoin will grow steadily, as it is the only asset protected from inflation.

The Gemini co-founder claimed that a Bitcoin asset is ultimately the only long-term protection against inflation, with a maximum offer of 21 million BTC.

While Winklevoss criticizes gold and oil for being difficult to store and move, the cue Ball, on the other hand, is easily transferred as an asset and “can be sent anywhere in the world via the Internet.

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