YouTube says no to cryptocurrencies

So far, YouTube has had a strange relationship with the crypto industry. The platform continues to ban videos related to cryptocurrencies, impeding creators of crypto content as they suffer from such restrictions.

Another victim of YouTube abuse

A recent victim of YouTube’s ignorance is crypto youtuber Sunny Decry, who saw his live stream disabled by the platform citing “malicious and dangerous policies.“

Decree, a company based in Switzerland, produces crypto content in German and English. According to Decry’s tweet on September 5, the popular video-sharing platform interrupted his live broadcast on the English channel, warning him that he had violated YouTube’s policies, and that another violation of This kind would result in the suspension of live broadcast service for a week (streaming, uploading, and publishing).

The company later called the move a “mistake“ and restored some of the videos. Back then, the target was several well-known channels, including Decree’s, which has more than 123,000 subscribers.

But the platform continues to crack down on cryptocurrency-related channels, which seems to be a response to large-scale crypto scams that promote fake giveaways.

Blocking everything related to the word “crypto“

YouTube also removed the news outlet’s channel for “violating YouTube’s Terms of use“, and stopped the flow of the popular media outlet Cointelegraph. The platform is also among a slew of lawsuits brought by well-known names like Steve Wozniak for failing to take any action against scammers posing as famous individuals to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways.

He even brushed off a similar lawsuit by brad Garlinghouse, CEO of blockchain company Ripple, saying that the imitators (scammers) were third parties and the company was not responsible for crypto fraud promoted through its video content or descriptions.

This seems rather strange, since the platform is still aimed at educational content about cryptocurrencies, but it is not responsible for scammers

For now, YouTube’s strange attitude towards cryptocurrencies remains a mystery, as the platform has not made any official statements about how it plans to handle cryptocurrency-related content.